Flooding – Not just a river issue

Last nights heavy rainfall was a reminder of just how quickly damage can occur to properties through water.  According to the Met Office, 13mm of rain fell at Reading University last night.  I can assure you that whilst helping to bail out a friends flooded utility room, it felt like an awful lot more.

The thing is, the slope of the ground had lead to a low point between the driveway and the house (which being built in the 19th century was at a lower level).  Well at least the utility room was.  So there we were using buckets to bail water away from that part of the house to a lower garden at 5am this morning.


So when you have a look at a potential house to buy, don’t just check the environment agency flooding from river and seas maps.  Have a look at the ground around.  Are there driveways sloping towards the house? Can water easily escape from around doorways? And has that little surface water drain at the bottom of your drive been cleared in the last few years?

There is a lot to consider when thinking about surface water, and if your property is in the wrong location, overcoming water can often be an expensive and difficult thing to do.  And at 5am when the water is trying to come in through the door and up through the floor and there’s torrential rain outside, you’ll be glad you considered surface water flooding.

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