British Gas Free Insulation

British Gas are currently giving away free insulation to some households.  We understand that this is as a result of them falling short on the CO2 emmission targets (not confirmed) as part of ECO, the Energy Company Obligation.  For more information, see

We have had a number of calls from home owners recently as British Gas say they cannot have the insulation as the EPC on their home states insulation is already present. i.e. cavity walls, as built, insulated (assumed).

I would like to clear something up… this is an assumption that is generated based on the age of the property or extension.  It is not saying the walls are definitely insulated.  So if it is proved that cavity wall insulation is not present, the EPC is not wrong… although the assumptions have been proved to be incorrect.  Unfortunately, it seems that British Gas are unwilling to come out to clients homes to check this.

We are unable to re-issue EPCs to take account of there being no insulation as there is no option to state that the insulation is not present.  This is a limitation of the EPC and the government approved software.

It may still be possible to get cavity wall insulation, however you may need to pay for this.  Further information can be obtained from the internet (we do not recommend any particular company for installing cavity wall insulation).  You could also consider the Green Deal for energy saving measures where the cost of the energy improvement measure is paid for by reductions in your energy bills.

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